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About Us

Let us take care of your gate! With our experience, the services of gate repair meet your demands, needs and standards. We're familiar with residential gates and their openers in California, offer emergency repair, and are experts in intercom installation and welding services.

Address: Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, California
Zip code: 92648
Phone: 714-517-1698

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With full commitment and respect to the needs of our clients, we offer residential gate services ranging from hinge welding repair and opener replacement to new gate installation and maintenance

Everything and anything is possible when you hire the services of “Gate Repair Huntington Beach”. How many times have you worried about the weird noise your gate was making and how many times did you wish you had the number of a reliable gate company in California when the motor stopped working. Now you have ours and can be sure that our team will help you deal with similar issues in a timely fashion. We can help you every time you need professional services. Whether you are interested in a new system or a simple track repair, you can trust us for the service. Our technicians are experts in residential systems and can repair motors, rollers, chains and any other part of swing and sliding gates. Customers can depend on our fast response services, especially if their problems are urgent. You can rely on us every time you need consultation, new gate installation, advice or repairs.

About our company in California

Depend on our technicians for all your gate needs

All parts must be properly installed, maintained and repaired in order for your system to work smoothly and provide the expected security and safety. That's what our company guarantees. With technicians ready to respond to emergency calls, offer automatic gate troubleshooting, fix the current problem, make adjustments and make sure the whole system functions properly, you can stop worrying every time the gate fails to close or is noisy. By utilizing their expertise and using the right tools, our professionals check the system as soon as possible and take care of it. Trust us when you need:

* Gate opener repair
* Remote replacement
* Post and hinge repair
* Welding services
* Maintenance, installation and inspections
* Swing gate adjustment

Urgent issues are handled by our technicians in a timely fashion, customers are assisted when they need consultation, new gates are installed on time, and worn parts are replaced. Every resident of Huntington Beach can depend on our company and our entire team because we are all dedicated, ready to help you and experienced. You can count on our company alone for all your gate repair, installation, troubleshooting, replacement and maintenance needs. Our business is also familiar with the latest intercom systems and their services. If you are interested in, don't hesitate to ask us.

Talk to one of our staff at 714-517-1698

Talk to us whenever your gate fails to open or close, makes strange noises, the motor stops providing electric power, the battery dies, the wheels are damaged or the hinges are broken. Prepared to offer assistance and provide full services, our professionals are at your disposal every single day. All you have to do is to send us a message saying what you need or asking questions. Don't forget to check our website for any new offers!

Overhead Gate Opener Repair

In case of evident physical damage or poor performance, overhead gate opener repair is needed. The device is checked and tested so that the problem and its cause are determined. The inspection begins with the hardware parts and namely the moving arm, trolley, rail and chain. The most common issues affecting the hardware parts include rust, bending, chipping and breaking. The first three types of issues are resolved with specific repair techniques. In case a hardware part is broken, it is replaced with a matching one. When the issue affects the motor unit, its internal components are checked carefully. In some cases, solely adjustment is required. In others, the malfunctioning components are fixed with the use of special techniques. If there is a faulty component such as a chipped moving gear or burnt control board, it is replaced with a new one that has the exact same specs.

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