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Do you often wonder which gate opener will be best for you? Are you having some problems with your gate lately and have several gate maintenance related questions? Find the best answers to some FAQs right here below and learn how to handle your problems and how to take care of the system

What kind of gate models are there?

Gates come in various models and styles. It all depends on your preference and how that particular style fits the décor of your own house. You can choose from wooden, iron and even fiberglass gates, among others. Furthermore, some gates open and close differently, so you can get slide, swing or barrier gates. For additional information, contact our representatives.

Why can't I open the gate?

There are many things which might keep the gate from opening. The most common reason – as our specialists explain, is a problem related to the opener. Something might be disconnected, wires might be damaged and the motor might be dead or simply overheated. Alternatively, you can also check the driveway gate track. If it's seriously dented or dirty, the gate might not move. Check to see if the chain is broken and have it replaced.

Which safety features should home gate openers integrate?

Residential gate openers must have a primary entrapment protection, which is built into the system of the operator, and must also have secondary sensors – like photo eyes and gate edges, too. The secondary sensors are important for sensing objects in the way of the gate. Just make sure they are part of your new opener and are connected properly.

Will columns or posts work better for my gate?

Columns are bigger, more stable and more solid. They are less likely to suffer damage in case of bad weather or a collision accident. However, they require more careful planning and more time to erect. Posts, on the other hand, can also be quite strong while their installation takes much less time and effort. Another one of their advantages is that they require less space.

How to ensure that a gate has been installed properly?

Owners can look at the connection points (hinges, railings, motor fix points) and the finishing of the entire entranceway to determine if it has been installed properly. Observing the technicians as they install the parts can also help owners. Use of appropriate tools and high-quality components is often considered a litmus test for this purpose.

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